Our aim is to foster and develop a child’s natural curiosity through a child-centered curriculum, hands-on activities and a focus on exploration and open-ended questions.


The Choo Choo Train Project’s play-centric model of learning ensures that the natural intelligence of each children is respected and their curiosity celebrated.


We believe this particular method of learning through play is not only the most effective learning style that leaves the longest impression; it also empowers students to believe in and trust their own thoughts and ideas. At our preschool every playful experience is treated as a chance to learn, question, explore and create.

The Choo Choo Train space is set up to inspired students to play and to learn.


Our colorful rooms are flooded with light, decorated with artwork by the children, and filled with toys designed to inspire play, drama, art and storytelling. Our backyard is a grassy oasis filled with beautiful flowers, a pirate ship, and climbing toys that prompt the children to create endless imaginary play scenarios.


Our vegetable and flower gardens allow the children to appreciate and understand the rhythms of nature, learn about the life cycles of plants, and participate in the harvesting and preparation of vegetables. We encourage our students to interact with the natural world under all weather conditions; the children explore our garden in the sun, snow, rain, and wind.

A Choo Choo day will see children totally immersed in the important work of learning through play.


Led by the children’s curiosity, our day is carefully scheduled to include discussion time, story time and outside time, but it’s the questions and interests of the children that guides what happens.


Whether questions are prompted while they are learning about arias from live opera singers, working as a team to build a structure out of blocks, negotiating a drumming circle in the sunny garden, dancing to the music of a live swing band, or working their way around a maypole that they designed and built themselves, every day shows that our Choo Choo students learn best when their curiosity and play is driving their learning experience.

Our teachers are not only experienced educators; they’re artists, acrobats, composers and musicians. They are creative thinkers who believe in the intelligence of children and their ability to direct their own learning.


They understand that the questions children ask are the most important learning tools that our teachers have. It's what enables them to harness natural budding curiosity into an exciting and effective learning experience for each individual child.

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